Sandra LaGrutta-DiGregorio – Registered Massage Therapist – RMT

My name is Sandra LaGrutta-DiGregorio, I grew up in Toronto Ontario and after graduating high school my family moved up to Caledon, Ontario. I enrolled myself at Seneca Collage and after two years graduated with a diploma in Travel and Tourism. I wanted to explore the world and use my second language to assist people so I got a job as an Italian Qualified Flight Attendant. I did that for 7 years. After that I decided that I wanted to do more to help people so I went back to school. In 2006 in enrolled into the Massage Therapy program at Everest Collage in Mississauga, Ontario.I graduated from Everest Collage in July 2008 and proceeded to get my Registration from the CMTO (Collage of Massage Therapist of Ontario). I received my registration in October 2008 and have been practicing Massage Therapy ever since. I stated working in a massage clinic and worked my way up to a chiropractor clinic as well as my own practice in an organic spa. I believe that everyone has different needs and life styles so, when I treat my clients I make my treatments specific to each individual client. Some of my modalities of treatments are; General Swedish Techniques, Medium-Deep Pressure, Lymphatic Drainage, Aromatherapy, Pre/Post Natal Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Myofacial Release and Reiki.

I enjoy helping others to allow them feel at their best and most importantly teach them how to prevent injury and to help promote a healthy muscular system. I encourage my clients to participate in getting to know their body and learn how to make time for themselves in their daily lives. I strongly believe that massage therapy is a great form of alternative therapy, the power of human touch has been around for many years and has done a great deal of natural healing. I believe it’s important to take care of ourselves in the best way possible, to live life to its fullest and it starts with the physical body first.